The Aviation Group’s breadth of experience brings together a team of experts across the various aspects of the aviation cargo supply chain that provides TAG with extensive capabilities in Cargo sales and operations.

Our Capabilities

Cargo Sales

  • Strategic Market Development
  • Tactical Sales Activities

Route Optimisation

  • Flight revenue maximisation
  • Yield management
  • Load control and capacity optimisation

Value Creation

  • Virtual networks
  • Specialist Cargo

Aviation Systems

  • Sky Chain
  • i-Cargo
  • Sabre
  • Amadeus


  • Operations Compliance
  • Self Audit
  • Pre and post implementation planning
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Continuous training and upskilling of our team

United Cargo

The Aviation Group is proud to be the appointed GSA for United Cargo for Australia and New Zealand.

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Australian Domestic

The Aviation Group offers warehouse to warehouse solutions for your Australian domestic cargo needs. Eliminate the need to book separate trucking (at origin and destination) and flights with our one step booking process.

Specialised Services

Temperature control

Perfect for pharmaceutical and highly perishable commodities our temperature control service provides end to end cool chain solutions using proven methods drawing upon our international temperature control experience.


With access to the Group’s licenced Security Services let us tailor a solution to your secure movement needs.

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